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Note: UIL Realignment for 2018 & 2019:  A new alignment for football applies to Class 5A. Teams were split into Division 1 and Division 2 based on enrollment. The greater enrollment schools will be in Division I and the lesser enrollment schools will be in Division 2. The conference cutoff for Class 5A schools is between 1,150 and 2,189 students. The range for Division 1 schools was set at 1,840 to 2,189 students, while the range for Division 2 schools are those between 1,150 to 1,838 students. 

For football only, 5A Division 2, there will be two districts. Canutillo, Horizon, Hanks, Parkland, Riverside and Ysleta will make up District 1-5A, while El Paso High, Andress, Austin, Bowie, Burges, Irvin and Jefferson will make up District 2-5A. 

The basketball districts have a different makeup. In District 1-5A, Canutillo, El Paso High, Andress, Austin, Bowie, Burges, Chapin, Irvin and Jefferson make-up District 1-5A. District 2-5A is made up of Horizon, Bel Air, Del Valle, Eastlake, Eastwood, El Dorado, Hanks, Parkland, Riverside and Ysleta. 

Note:  When available, the bracket for a tournament hosted by an EPHS varsity athletic team will be posted on the Tournament Page under EPHS Athletics.  Apologies, the scores and progress of tournament games may not be posted on the bracket as that data is rarely available in a timely manner.  Please refer to the Tournament Bracket page for the first round and times of the Annual CD Jarvis Basketball Tournament each November. 

EL PASO HIGH SCHOOL 2017 Varsity Volleyball Schedule

  7 Aug, W  Eastlake @ CD Jarvis Gym
10-11 Aug Riverside Tournament (EPHS, Riverside, Andress, Anthony, Jefferson, Mt. Vies, San Eli, Tornillo, Ysleta)
14 Aug, L Americas @ CD Jarvis Gym
16-18 Aug San Elizario Tournament (EPHS, Andress, Bel Aiir, Burges, Fabens, Hanks, Loretto, Montwood, Mt. View, San Eli, Socorro)
21 Aug, W @ Cantuillo *
24-25 August Frenship Tournament (EPHS, Austin, Burges) W v Lubbock
28 Aug, W  Austin @ CD Jarvis Gym
 31 Aug, L  @ Burges *
  4 Sep, W  Andress @ CD Jarvis Gym
  7 Sep, @ Jefferson  *
11 Sep, L  @ Coronado
14 Sep, W  Bowie @ CD Jarvis Gym *
18 Sep  L  @ Chapin *
21 Sep, W  Irvin @ CD Jarvis Gym * (EPHS Homecoming Football same night)
25 Sep, W  Canutillo @ CD Jarvis Gym *
28 Sep, W @ Austin *
  2 Oct, L  Burges @ CD Jarvis Gym *
  5 Oct, W  @ Andress *
 9 Oct, W  Jefferson @ CD Jarvis Gym *
12 Oct, Fri               Bye   (Battle for The Claw same night)
16 Oct W  @ Bowie *
19 Oct L  Chapin @ CD Jarvis Gym *
23 Oct W  @ Irvin *
29 Oct, L @ Eastwood - BiDistrict Playoff Match
*  Astrisk indicates District 1-5A opponent ♦ Match times and dates subject to change
EL PASO HIGH SCHOOL 2018 Varsity Football Schedule
31 Aug, W @ Horizon
  7 Sep, L Ysleta @ RR Jones Stadium
14 Sep, W  @ Bel Air
21 Sep, L Hanks @ RR Jones Stadium  EPHS Homecoming
28 Sep, W  Bowie @ RR Jones Stadium *
  5 Oct,  L  @ Irvin *
12 Oct,  L  Austin @ RR Jones Stadium  * The Battle for The Claw
19 Oct,  L  @ Burges *
26 Oct, L  Andress @ RR Jones Stadium *
  2 Nov, W  @ Jefferson *
  9 Nov, Fri          Bye
*  Astrisk indicates District 2-5A opponent ♦ Game times and dates subject to change