City Proclaims El Paso High Day

Mayor & City Council Proclaim 18 September 2016
El Paso High School Day

In Council Chambers on 6 September 2016, District 8 Representative Courtney Niland read the proclamation which, in recognition of the whereases, resolved that 18 September 2016, the day when El Paso High School at it's current location begins it's second century of serving the entire El Paso community, shall be El Paso High School Day in the City of El Paso.  It was a joyful occasion in which even Representative Lily Limon, an Austin Panther, was thrilled to be a part.  Representative Emma Acosta, the only El Paso Tiger currently serving on the City Council, was, unfortunately, absent. 

City of El Paso Proclamation

El Paso High School Day

September 18, 2016

WHEREAS El Paso High School, our beloved “Lady on the Hill” is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its magnificent building, which opened on September 18, 1916.

WHEREAS El Paso High School, the first high school in El Paso, was designed by Henry and Gustavus Trost and built by J. E. Morgan at a cost of $500,000 ($11.5 million in today’s world).

WHEREAS The Greco-Roman portico design of El Paso High School was inspired by the Pantheon in Rome with dramatic columns at its entrance, while the wings were inspired by the Parthenon in Athens.

WHEREAS R. R. Jones Stadium, seating 12,000, was one of the 1st concrete stadiums in the country and was named for El Paso High’s 1st Assistant Principal, who knew every student by name. The stadium was host to the 1st three Sun Bowl games, honored as the best stadium in Texas and named in the top 10 stadiums to see before you die.

WHEREAS El Paso High School was among five schools in the nation in 1919, to have a military cadet program (now known as JROTC) whose troops were once reviewed by General Pershing. Being the first JROTC program in Texas means that our cadets still wear #1 on their sleeve.

WHEREAS El Paso High School was designated a National Historic Landmark on November 17, 1980, with the National Register of Historic Places Inventory.

WHEREAS El Paso High School was recently identified as one of “America’s Best High Schools” by U.S. News & World Report for the second year in a row and was also named #10 in a national selection of the most beautiful high school campuses by Environment Magazine.

WHEREAS El Paso High School has been the home to thousands of students who have filled its trophy cases to overflowing through the legacy of the arts, academics, sports, leadership and the military….and the legacy continues.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED by the Mayor and City Council of El Paso that September 18, 2016, shall be known as



At the conclusion of all the hoorah, of which there was considerable because of the presence of several alumni, Principal Kristine Ferret, and both the Varsity and JV Cheer Squads, EPHS Alumni Association President Michael Montes eloquently thanked the Mayor and Council for the proclamation and apmlified upon the reasons (all those whereases) the city should clebrate uniqueness that is The El Paso High. Among the alumni on hand for this ceremony were EPHS66 members Norma Rojas Ceballos, Mike Rojas, Ruben Andrade, and Steve Blumenthal.

President Montes’ Remarks to City Council – September 6, 2016

Thank you Mayor Leeser, Representative Niland, Representative and EPHS Alum Emma Acosta and other City Representatives.

I would also like to thank Elaine Donahue, Mary Jo Melby and Marilyn Cromeans for their work on our proclamation.

It’s an honor to stand before you this morning as we proclaim September 18th El Paso High School Day across the City of El Paso. The Lady on the Hill, as we affectionately call her, stands for a 100-year legacy of excellence in academics, athletics, arts, military and leadership. She is an architectural marvel of the famed Henry Trost, who has given our city so many gems -- perhaps EPHS is the greatest gift he gave El Pasoans.

Her history and traditions are unmatched in this region. Her iconic columns are symbols of strength to all who have ever walked through them to class or work as she watches over a city that has grown all around her.

El Paso High is special in her beauty but also because of the incredible people who have walked the marble hallways such as Academy Award winner F. Murry Abraham, Wimbledon Champion Dick Savitt, Journalists Ruben Salazar & Ray Sanchez, Artists Abraham Chavez and Tom Lea, and war heroes William D. Hawkins and Buster Biggs to name a few.

We invite everyone to join us this Thursday night in our magnificent auditorium for the next installment of our Legacy Series as we honor 100 years of Excellence in The Arts and also on November 17th as we celebrate 100 years of excellence in Leadership.

We also invite everyone to join us Saturday, October 8th, at historic R.R. Jones Stadium as the Tigers will take on our arch rivals, the Austin Panthers, in the 85th installment of the "Battle for The Claw" at 11am which will be immediately followed by the Alumni Association’s attempt at the Guinness World Record for the largest high school reunion ever. We need 3,300 former students, faculty and staff to join us to break the record. It will be a great day not only for our high school but for the city of El Paso.

We hope to see you on the Hill as the Legacy Continues; remember, "You only understand the Tradition if you were blessed enough to live it."

Thank you very much!!

Among the EPHS Alumni on-hand for the reading of the El Paso High Day proclamation were two of the proclamations' authors, Elaine Donahue and Mary Joe Melby seated in the first two seats of the second row.  Also on the second row (l-r) Angie Enriquez Heredia (EPHS66), Janie Pierce Schockley (Co62), and Lee Schwartz (Co62).  First row (l-r) Alfonso "Mesita" Rangel (Co 68) and Linda Rios Troncoso (Co65).  Third row (l-r)  Lucia Sada Mares (aunt of Carlos Luis Sada, Jr of EPHS66) and her daughter Anna Mares (Co80).  Seated behind the Mareses are (l-r) Mary Holguin (Co70) and Rosie Baily nee: Blanca Saenz (Co70), sister of Robert Saenz (EPHS66).

As Representative Niland reads the El Paso High School Day Proclamation (see video monitor upper left), the El Paso Tigers listen intently in an impressive display or colors to "Paint the Town Orange & Black in 20116"

District 1 Representative Peter Svarsbein greets Norma Rojas Cebellos (EPHS66) following the adoption of the El Paso High School Day Proclamation by the City Council.  Preceding Norma are Angie Enriquez Heredia (EPHS66) and Mike Rojas (EPHS66). 

Mayor Oscar Leeser (his parents are EPHS alumni) and Representative Courtney Niland greet excited Tiger Cheerleadrs while Representative Lily Limon, an Austin Panther, greets a stream of Tigers as seen on the video scree behind Limon.

Alumni Association President Michael Montes holds the freshly adopted El Paso High School Day proclamation  while surrounded by the civicly active EPHS Varsity (orange uniform) and JV Cheer squads.