The Tiger Sign

In May of 1966, the EPHS Class of 1966 proudly made a gift to the school of a sign to stand at Schuster Avenue and Virginia Street to proclaim arrival at "El Paso High School - Home of the Tigers."  That sign, made of steel pipe and other steel components, was designed and largely created by EPHS66 classmates led by Bob Jacobson (Fall 1965 Student Council President) and his brother, David Jaobson (EPHS66 Senior Class President).  The Tiger Sign has stood firmly for nearly five decades, but as with all things, weather had taken a toll.  In 1989, the Tiger was repainted by  C.J. Cortez , an EPHS student, and by 2011 the entire structure was in need of a fresh coat paint.

Enter once again EPHS66 through it's Reunion 2011.  EPHS66 classmates at the reunion voted to devote funds remaining after the reunion expenses were paid so that the Tiger Sign could be repainted eitirely, foot to crown, with a new, more realistic treatment of the Tiger.  Thanks to very generous underwriting and sponsorships and sound management the Organizing Committee, Reunion 2011 did conclude with a funding surplus and Arturo Acevedo of The Drawing Board, together with Sunland Sign Company, was contracted for the painting job.  Although Acevedo did not enjoy the privilege of attending EPHS, one of his brothers was a student at El Paso High, so Acevedo felt a special connection to this project.  Rosamaria Arreola Lopez and Fernie Lopez were a special committee of the EPHS66 Reunion 2011 Organizing Committee who found Acevedo, a self-described "old school" grahic artist who specializes in painting intricate commercial and school logos on billboards, walls, even basketball/volleyball courts.  In this gallery is a condensed visual chronicle of the repainting of the Tiger Sign which was accomplished over five days in Spring 2012.

Thanks to Tony Baca, Interim Principal of EPHS; Kristine Ferret, Principal of EPHS; Christina Nunez, EPHS Business Agent; Lalo Contreras, Chief Custodian at EPHS; and Linda Rios Troncoso, President of the EPHS Alumni Association, who assisted in bringing the Tiger Sign Re-Paint Project to sucessful completion. 

The EPHS66 Reunion 2011 Organizing Committee expresses it's gratitude to the Tiger Sign Special Committee of Rosamaria and Fernie Lopez for their competent talent search and evaluation, and to these EPHS66 classmates who made the project possible through their underwriting/sponsorships for Reuion 2011:  Bobby Jacobson, David Jacobson, Rick Ganem, Lee Schwartz & Bob Novick, Joe Hernandez MD, Dwayne Aboud MD, Joe Tout, Albert Miranda & Cynthia Marquez.

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