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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 36.0%

A:   103   Joined
B:   183   Not Joined


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Paul Stern's Mother has Passed Away

Phyllis Stern, mother of EPHS66 Classmate Paul Stern and schoolmates Ed Stern (Co65) and Laura Stern Wagenhalls (Co67), passed away on 11 September 2016 at age 95.  Mrs. Stern (pictured at left amid Mexican poppies in Mt. Franklin State Park) had been residing in Fresno, CA, for the last 5 five years to be close by Laura.  Prior to moving to Fresno, she resided with Paul in Minnesota for 7 years after living in El Paso for more than 50 years.  Even at age 95, Mrs. Stern was living independently at a retirement community.   

Phyllis Stern was an educator most of her life.  She was a student of Jewish theology and taught young and old with thought provoking, wide ranging class sessions.  She also had a love of the Spanish language and continued studying Spanish to the end of her long life. Mrs. Stern was a devoted mother, and grandmother of 6 grandchildren.  She has been extolled by her grandchildren as a good listener and persistent source of wisdom and encouragement.  Memorials may be made in Mrs. Stern's name to a charity of your choice.

A Century on the Hill

Happy Birthday to All Tigers

The magnificent El Paso High School "on the Hill" opened its doors for classes on 18 September 1916.* 

The Second Century "on the Hill" is unerway!!!

* El Paso High School classes at Central School began in 1885; therefore, The El Paso High School now has a 131 year history.

See Wonderful Ariel Drone Photo at End of this Announcement

Celebrating A Century On The Hill

On 16 September 2016, the Student Body of El Paso High School assembled in RR Jones Stadium to celebrate the 100th anniversary of El Paso's first and finest high school.  The students, in orange and black, were seated in  the west end of fabled RR Jones Stadium below the front steps of "The Lady on The Hill" who would mark her 100th birthday on Sunday 18 September 2016.  By proclamation of the Mayor and City Council of El Paso, that day would officially be El Paso High School Day in the city.  On the same day,. the high school on the hill would begin its second century of "molding lives and careers," being a bona fides historic landmark and state and nationally registered place of distinction.

City Council Representative Courtney Niland read the City's proclamation (see the following story)  and  a letter from Texas Governor Gregg Abbott was read by Larry McManus, a member of the governor's staff and a member of the EPHS Class of 1983.

Sixteen September, also being Mexican Independence Day, el grito, "Viva la High!" was often exclaimed from the stage and in response by the student body.   Additionally, El Paso High's 1885 Original Central School Bell tolled 100 times, once for each year this palace of learning has served students and the community as a center for fine arts, athletics, discovery, and education.

A unique feature of the Student Body assembly was that a photo was taken utilizing  a remote contol, flying camera (a drone).  The photo depicts, from high above, the image of the student body and faculty seated in the stadium yet leaving seats unfilled to form the digits "1" and two "zeros" as depicted in the ground-based photograph at the top of this report. and as seen at the end.  As the 1885 Original Central School Bell struck its 100th toll, the student body erupted in cheers and waved orange leis they had been wearing to make the occasion more festive.  Choir Director, Mr. Tim Thompson, responded to the cheers and lead the assembly in a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday" to the stately and revered "Lady On The Hill."

 Viva la High as her students embark on the high school's 132nd year and the outset of another 100 years "On The Hill."  Happy Birthday El Paso Tigers, whereever you may be!  May your spirit never die!

And now that photo from the drone. Notice how the "El Paso" on the end zone captions this photograph by Michael Reece, 2016 Outstanding Secondary School Teacher for EPHS, EPISD, and Education Region 19.  Outstanding, as usual!  Well done students, faculty, and staff!!!

Mayor & City Council Proclaim 18 September 2016
El Paso High School Day

In Council Chambers, District 8 Representative Courtney Neiland read the proclamation which in recognition of the whereases resolved that 18 September 2016, the day when El Paso High School at it's current location begins it's second century of serving the entire El Paso community, shall be El Paso High School Day in the City of El Paso.  It was a joyful occasion in which even Representative Lily Limon, an Austin Panther, was proud to be a part.  Representative Emma Acosta, the only El Paso Tiger currently serving on the City Council, ws, unfortunately, absent. 

City of El Paso Proclamation

El Paso High School Day

September 18, 2016

WHEREAS El Paso High School, our beloved “Lady on the Hill” is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its magnificent building, which opened on September 18, 1916.

WHEREAS El Paso High School, the first high school in El Paso, was designed by Henry and Gustavus Trost and built by J. E. Morgan at a cost of $500,000 ($11.5 million in today’s world).

WHEREAS The Greco-Roman portico design of El Paso High School was inspired by the Pantheon in Rome with dramatic columns at its entrance, while the wings were inspired by the Parthenon in Athens.

WHEREAS R. R. Jones Stadium, seating 12,000, was one of the 1st concrete stadiums in the country and was named for El Paso High’s 1st Assistant Principal, who knew every student by name. The stadium was host to the 1st three Sun Bowl games, honored as the best stadium in Texas and named in the top 10 stadiums to see before you die.

WHEREAS El Paso High School was among five schools in the nation in 1919, to have a military cadet program (now known as JROTC) whose troops were once reviewed by General Pershing. Being the first JROTC program in Texas means that our cadets still wear #1 on their sleeve.

WHEREAS El Paso High School was designated a National Historic Landmark on November 17, 1980, with the National Register of Historic Places Inventory.

WHEREAS El Paso High School was recently identified as one of “America’s Best High Schools” by U.S. News & World Report for the second year in a row and was also named #10 in a national selection of the most beautiful high school campuses by Environment Magazine.

WHEREAS El Paso High School has been the home to thousands of students who have filled its trophy cases to overflowing through the legacy of the arts, academics, sports, leadership and the military….and the legacy continues.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED by the Mayor and City Council of El Paso that September 18, 2016, shall be known as



At the conclusion of all the hoorah, of which there was considerable because of the presence of several alumni, Principal Kristine Ferret, and both the Varsity and JV Cheer Squads, EPHS Alumni Association President Michael Montes eloquently thanked the Mayor and Council for the proclamation and apmlified upon the reasons (all those whereases) the city should clebrate uniqueness that is The El Paso High. Among the alumni on hand for this ceremony were EPHS66 members Norma Rojas Ceballos, Mike Rojas, Ruben Andrade, and Steve Blumenthal.

President Montes’ Remarks to City Council – September 6, 2016

Thank you Mayor Leeser, Representative Niland, Representative and EPHS Alum Emma Acosta and other City Representatives.

I would also like to thank Elaine Donahue, Mary Jo Melby and Marilyn Cromeans for their work on our proclamation.

It’s an honor to stand before you this morning as we proclaim September 18th El Paso High School Day across the City of El Paso. The Lady on the Hill, as we affectionately call her, stands for a 100-year legacy of excellence in academics, athletics, arts, military and leadership. She is an architectural marvel of the famed Henry Trost, who has given our city so many gems -- perhaps EPHS is the greatest gift he gave El Pasoans.

Her history and traditions are unmatched in this region. Her iconic columns are symbols of strength to all who have ever walked through them to class or work as she watches over a city that has grown all around her.

El Paso High is special in her beauty but also because of the incredible people who have walked the marble hallways such as Academy Award winner F. Murry Abraham, Wimbledon Champion Dick Savitt, Journalists Ruben Salazar & Ray Sanchez, Artists Abraham Chavez and Tom Lea, and war heroes William D. Hawkins and Buster Biggs to name a few.

We invite everyone to join us this Thursday night in our magnificent auditorium for the next installment of our Legacy Series as we honor 100 years of Excellence in The Arts and also on November 17th as we celebrate 100 years of excellence in Leadership.

We also invite everyone to join us Saturday, October 8th, at historic R.R. Jones Stadium as the Tigers will take on our arch rivals, the Austin Panthers, in the 85th installment of the "Battle for The Claw" at 11am which will be immediately followed by the Alumni Association’s attempt at the Guinness World Record for the largest high school reunion ever. We need 3,300 former students, faculty and staff to join us to break the record. It will be a great day not only for our high school but for the city of El Paso.

We hope to see you on the Hill as the Legacy Continues; remember, "You only understand the Tradition if you were blessed enough to live it."

Thank you very much!!

View additional photos on the EPHS Centennial Celebration/Mayor Proclaims El Paso High Day webpage.

Look What The EPHS Faculty Just Did

Classes at El Paso High School begin the second century at the school's current location "On The Hill" with the current school year.  The EPHS Faculty organized to take the above photo celebrating completion of 100 years in the venerable Trost & Trost desgned building. Each faculty member wears a shirt on which is embroidered the official EPHS Cenennial Logo.  The Faculty will wear these shirts variously throughout the school year to mark in unison the auspicious completion of the first century and the initiation of El Paso High School's Second Centry "On The Hill."  Much of the faculty will also wear unique athletic jerseys with the number "100" front and back on many Friday's to demonstrate support for Tiger teams.  A hard working and vibrant faculty is another indication of what qualifies El Paso High as one of America's Greatest High Schools (as listed by US News & World Report)!   

In case you were wondering, the photo of the faculty on the front steps was taken employing an unmanned, photographic aerial device also known as a drone..

Days Until EPHS66 Quinquagenary Reunion


 QUINQUAGENARY REUNION -- Look Who's Registered: 

Dwayne Aboud & Michele Aboud

Sue Acree Barnes

Ruben “Skippy” Andrade & Eva Andrade (Co67)

Rosa Maria Arreola Lopez & Fernie Lopez

Anthony Baldi & Cindy Baldi

Margie Barrientos

Richard “Ricky” Baron

Ernie Barrueta & Christina Barrueta

Steve Blumenthal

Barbara Boyles Blackwell

Terry Ann Carreon

Marina Cohen Lee

Irene Coronel-Navarette (Guest)

Javier Corral & Elviia Corral (Guests)

Alice Crombie Smith

Norman Davis & Patsy Irons Davis

Richard Dominguez & Espy Dominguez

Yolanda Espinsoa-Turnicky & John Turnicky

Cristina Estrada Moraga & Arturo Moraga

Leonard “Lenny” Fagelman

Romelia Fernandez Cisneros & Tomas Cisneros

Alonso Flores

Judy Galatzan Weiser & Gary Weiser (Co64)

Rick Ganem

Louise Goldman Rice

Tony Gomez & Sandra Hinojos

Irene Gonzalez Vargas

Belinda Guerra Quiñones

Jerry Guthrie & Patsy Guthrie

Angie Enriquez Heredia & Alfonso Heredia

Jose "Joe" Hernandez and Christine Hernandez

Lydia Hernandez & Ruben Grijalva (Guests)

Margie Hernandez (Co67) & Sal Rivas

Mike Hernandez (Co68) & Alicia Hernandez

Bernie Herrera

Dolores "Lola" Herrera

David Jacobson & Lynn Jacobson

Bobby Jacobson & Germaine Jacobson

Jan Koortz Lyons & Gary Lyons (Co63)

Bill Latham & Tricia Latham

Louann Leeds Pranses

Fernando Lopez & Rosa Maria Arreola Lopez

Luis Manzanares

Robert Manzanares (Co70) (Guest)

Lilly Marcus Slovick & Bill Slovick

Lili Martinez De la Torre (Co67) & George De la Torre (Guest)

Joel Kalman & Iris Robers

Norma Martinez Kernz

Cynthia Marquez

Carol Mason Parker & Jimmy Parker

Nancy McKnight Howell

Vivian Miskiel Dyer & David Dyer

Mary Lou Natera Rivera

Freda Nelson Evans & Mike Evans

Art Nieto

Robert D Novick & Lee Schwartz (Co62)

Irene Ochoa Sanchez

Richard Ortiz & Maricela Ortiz

Pete Parraz

Deirdre "Honey" Perl & Jo Ellne Perl Segal (Co64)

Mimi Pennies Stewart

Romelia Pichardo Lopez

Mary Lou Rayon Martinez & Fred Martinez

Amy Richardson Stonelake & Tim Stonelake

Joe Rodriguez

Mike Rojas

Norma Rojas Cabello

Rosalind Rojas Gallegos (Co68) (Guest)

Estela Rosales (Guest)

Ramon Rosales

Grace Ruiz

Manny Salas & Maria Salas

Ron Saltzman

Ramon Sanchez & Sandra Sanchez (Co68)

Dolores Dandoval Lerma (Co68)

James Sanford & Monica Rodriguez Sanford

Ric Schecter

Nancy Schwartz

Chuck Scott

George Serebrenik

Barbara “Cookie” Shults Drissel

Charlie Smith (Co68)(Guest)

Angie Somera Hernandez

Luis Uribarri (Co90) (Guest)

Lydia Uribarri (Guest)

Dolores Vera

Anita Villa

Rita Villa Pulley & Jesse Pulley

Pamela Yip Valle & Michael Valle

Rebekah Ruth Yip-Lee (Co65) (Guest)

Loretta Young Ramirez & Abe Ramirez

Eddie Zissman & Debbie Zissman

Unfortunately these persons have withdrawn from the reunion:

    Marcie Smart Edwards & Gene Edwards whose travel plans will not bring them to El Paso for the reunion

    Laura Stern WagenHalls (Co67) will be in El Paso for WRA, but will join her classmates at the Party of the 60s instead.

     Joe Tout is traveling and does not expect to be back in time for the reunion.

 Special Hotel Rate for EPHS66 Quinquagenary Reunion 

For those who anticipate participating in the EPHS66 Quinquagenary Reunion, a room block has been reserved at the Hilton Garden Inn - University (at the corner of University Ave. and Oregon, St).  The Hilton Garden Inn - University is the headquarters for the reunion:  Reunion Check-In; Hospitality Room; the Dinner & Dance, and the Hasta la Vista Brunch are all scheduled to be at the hotel.  The location of the hotel is also convenient to El Paso High and to planned shuttle parking at UTEP for the EPHS Centennial Celebration on 8 October.  The hotel is also within two miles of the site for our mountainside Thursday evening Classmate Mixer.

Guest rooms reserved at the Hilton Garden Inn - University have a special rate of $90 per night plus Occupancy Tax (17% or $15.30) for single or double occupancy.  That rate includes the breakfast buffet which includes eggs cooked to order, pastries, hot and cold cereals, yogurt, fruits, and juices.  The regular price for the Terrace Breakfast is $13.00 plus sales tax.  The breakfast benefit is available for two persons per double room (one for single room) with coupons issued at check-in.  The breakfast coupon is eligible for the purchase of Terrace Breakfast at Sunday's Hasta la Vista Brunch in the hotel restaurant and outdoor terrace (weather permitting).

Reservations at the Hilton Garden Inn - University may be obtained by calling Advance Reservations at 915-351-2121 or on-line at  Be sure to use the Group Reservation Code EPH66 to qualify for the discounted room rate plus breakfast benefit. If you use the Hilton Hotels reservations center, be sure to specify the Hilton Garden Inn - University; there is another Hilton Garden Inn in El Paso located near the airport. 

The cut-off for reservations in the EPH66 room block will be 29 August after which rooms may be reserved at the best available rate.  The EPHS Class of 1961 is also holding its 55-Year Reunion at the Hilton Garden Inn - University on the same weekend and the EPHS Alumni Association is referring out-of-town alumni to this hotel for lodging for the Centennial Celebration.  Hence, rooms will be sought after now that the summer months have arrived.  If you are an El Paso resident but think you may stay overnight at the hotel on Friday (and/or Saturday) night after the Friday Reunion Dinner & Dance, don't delay; lock-in your reservation before the EPH66 room block becomes fully subscribed. 

El Paso High School Alumni Orchestra Centennial Concert

You are invited to the EPHS Centennial Alumni Orchestra Concert!  It will be a memorable performance and opportunity to celebrate the exceptional legacy of the Tiger Pride Orchestra.

Date:      Thursday, 6 October 2016
Location: EPHS Auditorium
Time:      5:30 PM

Reception in the Main Hall will follow the performance.

There will be an optional encore performance on Saturday, 8 Oct 12:30 - 1:30pm in the auditorium. It will be an alternative to the football game and precede the Guinness Book World Record Attempt.
All are welcome to participate!  For rehearsal schedule and registration as an Alumni Orchestra member, click here.

  World Record Attempt:  Anwers to FAQ 

From the EPHS Alumni Association a few things to clarify frequently asked questions.

(I) You have to have attended or worked at EPHS for at least one school year to count toward the World Record.

(II) You have to check in and attend the Attempt on Oct. 8th to count towards the record. That morning you will  check-in to get a numbered chip (like at a marathon) to be count on the record.  Get there early, please.

(III) Just because you register online doesn't mean you already count on the record: you MUST BE PRESENT to be counted. If you register online, you still have to submit your necessary copies, especially of a government issued ID and a legal name change document, where necessary. We can make SPUR yearbook copies for you if you don't have access to a needed yearbook (mark the third check box on the registration form).

(IV) You technically may register the day of the attempt; HOWEVER, please don't wait, it would be a logistical nightmare to make several thousand copies the day of the event. Get registration taken care of as quickly as possible.

(V) If you are a member of the Alumni Association, you are still required to register for the Guinness World Record Attempt. Your valued Association Membership and the GWRA Registration are completely separate registration processes.

Thanks Tigers, we hope this helps with some confusion. Feel free to ask any other questions and we'll answer them as quickly and clearly as is practical.. Remember this is a once in a lifetime event, we only get one opportunity to celebrate our Centennial.

Michale Montes, President
El Paso High School Alumni Association

Virginia Street Landscape Transformed First Time in 100 Years

For decades, the lawn sections of the El Paso High School campus along Virginia Street was barrent and bleak.  Where there was once grass on the slope had devolved to a eyesore as displayed in the photo below.  Attempts to rehabilitate the lawn with seed or sod was defeated by heat, lack of adequte and proper irrigation, and eventually by erosion of the topsoil. 

As the venerable El Paso High School building approaches it's 100-year birthday "On The Hill," a new undertaking was begun in July 2016 to transform the exposed soil into an attractive landscape.  The EPHS PTSA Project 100 had successfully changed the landscape of a previously neglected parcel at the corner of Virginia and Schuster Streets.  The school district had refurbished the stairway from street level to the school building; however, the expanse of former lawn above Virginia Street, not part of Project 100, languished.  The eroded bare earth marred the image of the west side of the campus.  There had been no consensus on how best to resolve the issue of restoring the land without wasting precious water and investing a massive, costly maintenance program. 

In July, it became evident that some plan had been devised to enhance the Virginia Street landscape at EPHS.  A deep trench was dug adjacent to the school building foundation.  That excavation revealed unrealized facts about the building foundation and those who built the magnificant edifice.  The dig would have been a treasure for archectical researchers and urban archeologists alike.

The deep trench appears to be an anti-erosion control measure which limits the run-off from the building which otherwise would run down the slope and carry away valuable top soil.  Not only would the deep trench capture rain water rushing off the building headed downslope to Virgina Street, the captured water would seep into the hillside at deep levels to irrigate trees and shrubs subterranianly. 

Additionally, some plumbing was installed apparently for irrigation, but it did not appear to support a sprinkler system.  Laer, some of the existing, depleated soil was removed and replaced with new top soil.  That new soil as smoothed and contoured.  It appeard the slope would again be seeded or set with sod to restore the lawn with drought resistant grass variety. 

Eventually, four native pine trees were planted adjacent to the trench.  Then came the installation of a black fabric into which holes were cut at apparently predetermiend sites.

The holes in the material were planted with a variety of low water use plants and it became apparent the former Virginia Street lawn was in the process of being transformed into a xeriscape (landscaping that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation) .  The next step was to add crushed stone, gravel, and rock to help channel rain run-off along designed pathways while minimizing erosion potential. 


  NOTICE:  Because of flu-like symptoms experienced in an early stage of his attempt to ride across the souhtern tier of states from San Diego to Saint Augustine, Steven Stern had to abort his ride and will not be overnighting in El Paso on Friday, 23 September, as originally scheduled.  In temperatures which reached up to 113º, running a fever and unable to eat, Stern decided it was folly to try to continue as his illness grew worse.  He received primary care at an urgent care clinic, made his way back to San Diego from where he was able to crate his bicycle for shipping back to the Twin Cities.  Although he could not contiue on this trek, Stern is determined to continue training so he may make the attempt again in 2017.  To day, Steven Stern has raised over $12,000 for Musclar Sclerosis.  You may still contribute.  See story below.


On 8 September 2016, Steven Nathan Stern sets out to go across country.  He begins in San Diego, CA, and plans to end-up in Saint Augustine, FL.  "So what?" you say.  You don't know Steven Nathan Stern and he's not the ony person who sets out to cross he United States.

Well, here's why this particular journey should and does mean something to you.  First, the trip is on bicycle, traversing souhern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas (he plans to be in El Paso on 23 September), Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and then Florida, across the panhandle all the way to Jacksonville on the Atlantic coast and south to Saint Augustine, the oldest city in the US.   Visualize that on a map; if you've driven I-10 from El Paso to California or east to Houston, you know the time it takes to drive just that distance at 70 or even 80 mph inside a car with AC and tunes.   Now consider riding a bicycle every day, 50 to 90 miles, to cover approximately 3,070 miles.  No easy feat under the best of conditions. However, Steven Nathan Stern will be attempting that self-powered trek.

Steven Nathan Stern with his Surly Disc Trucker touring bicycle

Why, you ask?  Well, that's the second reason you should take note of this effort.  You do know Steven Nathan Stern in a round about way.  You may have known his father, Paul Stern, EPHS Class of 66.  You may know his uncle, Edward Stern, EPHS Class of 65. You may also know Steven's aunt, Laura Stern, EPHS Class of 67.  Hey, Steven's grandfather, Nathan Stern, was a Tiger, too:  Class of '32.

Yet, knowing Steven Nathan Stern's familial relations to EPHS does not explain why the young man is making a grueling trek across the southern tier of states on a bicycle.  It's not cleer until you know that Paul, Steven's father, has MS.  In fact, Paul is just one of entirely too many person who grew-up on El Paso's westside in the early and mid-1950's who have MS. That includes other classmates of EPHS66.  Why this inordinate number of individuals were diagnosed with MS as young adults is a medical mystery, but these persons, mystery or otherwise, do have MS.  Some cases have been fatal, all are significant.

Steven Nathan Stern is riding his bicycle across the US with a group of 15 other cyclist under the auspices of Bike the US for MS.  It is a way to raise awareness of MS, raise funds for research into the disease, and to treat persons who have MS.  Chances are you know someone with MS but you may not realize it. 

What is MS?  The National Multiple Sclerosis Association defines the disease this way:  Multiple sclerosis (MS) involves an immune-mediated process in which an abnormal response of the body’s immune system is directed against the central nervous system (CNS), which is made up of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. The exact antigen — or target that the immune cells are sensitized to attack — remains unknown, which is why MS is considered by many experts to be "immune-mediated" rather than "autoimmune."

Got it?  Yeah, that's hard to grasp. The point is that a person with MS may exhibit symptoms of CNS damage that is mild, moderate, or severe.  Each one is compromised and at present some persons respond to treatment but there is as yet no cure.

If you'd care to support Steven Nathan Sterm on this quest, you may learn more and donate at the Bike the US for MS website.  Steven will be posting to his blog Pedaling-With-Purpose  ( ) so follow the progress of the Bike the US for MS bicycle team between 8 September and 29 October.  Even if you do not reside somewhere along the entirely non-Interstate Highway route through the southern tier of states, you can still help Steven and his purpose with a donation.  It's not just about Steven or Paul.


When the El Paso Tigers and Chapin Huskies get together in volleyball action, the matches are played with high intensity and are usually tightly contested.

On Tuesday night at Chapin, it was no different as the Tigers won in three competitive sets, 25-19, 28-26, 25-22. El Paso High is now 1-0 in District 1-5A, while the Huskies are 1-1.

"We didn't play as consistently as we had been, but the girls made some key plays when they had to," El Paso coach Yesenia Alarcon said. "I'm proud of our effort. The matches against Chapin are always tough and both teams play with so much energy and effort. The crowd was into it as well."

The Tigers got a big night from senior setter Andie Padilla, who delivered 28 assists, three kills, four aces and one block. Three of her aces came during an important stretch in the first set when she helped the Tigers extend their lead form 17-16 to 20-16. For Padilla, this is her first year on the varsity.

"Andie has been a great team player and she's been patient," Alarcon said. "She led our jayvee last year and this year she has come in and done a great job. She's gotten better as the as season has gone one and she's a big reason for our success."

Added Padilla: "It's been a learning experience all season long. I have great teammates and having veteran players around me helps. They are supportive and they push me to be the best."

El Paso has two of the top hitters in the city in Spencer Spier and Emily Perez and both played well vs. the Huskies. Spier finished with 13 kills, while Perez added 11 kills and five blocks.

The Tigers also got some strong serving at key times, which helped them clinch the match in the third set. Tayler Kennedy had two huge service aces late in the third set, while Alyssa Sianez' ace sealed the match.

Chapin, which was without one of its top players in hitter Alyssa Lozoya (injury), got seven kills from Amelia Crossley, six kills from Abigail Porras and five kills from Vivien Marquez.

"It was a big win for us," Padilla said. "It's always good to get a win on the road in district. Chapin is a good team and is tough. Everyone stepped up and gave their best effort and contributed."

Felix F. Chávez may be reached at 546-6167;; @Fchavezeptimes on Twitter.

EPHS Top Ranked Traditional High School in El Paso Area

Story by Lindsey Anderson, El Paso Times

Ten El Paso schools made U.S. News & World Report's list of the 2,673 best high schools in the country.  All El Paso schools that made the cut are charter schools or in the El Paso and Ysleta school districts.  El Paso's Harmony Science Academy, a charter school, ranked highest at 232nd nationwide. Also ranked were:

  • Valle Verde Early College: 717
  • Charter school Harmony School of Innovation-El Paso: 874
  • El Paso High: 1,192
  • Silva Health Magnet: 1,432
  • Charter school Davinci School for Science and the Arts: 1,573rd
  • Coronado High: 1,671
  • Del Valle High: 2,177
  • Eastwood High: 2,466
  • Hanks High: 2,562

U.S. News & World Report rated Dallas' School for Talented and Gifted the best in the country and the best in Texas.

The schools also made the list of the 204 best high schools in Texas, with Harmony Science Academy clocking in at 38th in the state, Valle Verde at 83rd, Harmony School of Innovation at 95th, El Paso High at 121st, Silva Health Magnet at 141st, Davinci School at 147th, Coronado at 155th, Del Valle at 184th, Eastwood at 199th and Hanks at 203rd.

The schools are ranked based on student performance on state tests, graduation rates and how well they prepare students for college.

Congratulations to the El Paso High Faculty and Administration together with students and parents for this outstanding performance recognition!

Centennial Celebration Alumni Band

Attention alumni of the EPHS Tiger Band.  Luis Chico Portillo, of UT-Austin, is  co-director with Kenny Capshaw of UTEP, for the Centennial Celebration Alumni Band.  Get involved even if you live away from El Paso.  Have fun and plan to play with the band at EPHS 2016 Homecoming and the EPHS Centennial Celebration, 8 October 2016.

Please share with all Tiger Band alum friends, family, and former band directors/assistant directors!

EPHS Centennial Celebration Alumni Band sign-up:

EPHS Centennial Celebration Alumni Band:

EPHS Centennial Celebration Alumni Band updates/news:

EPHS Tiger Pride Band Alumni on Facebook:
EPHS Centennial Celebration website:

Centennial Banner Makes Debut

The banner shown above was previewed in January during a media conference initiating the EPHS Centennial Legacy Series, but it had it's debut on 24 March for the Legacy Series presentation about Sports at the El Paso High School "On The Hill."  The unique banner will be displayed at various events during the Centennial Year, including the Centennial Celebration on 8 October when The Claw Game will be contested in RR Jones Stadium followed by the world record attempt for the World's Largest High School Reunion.  The banner is also expeted to be marched at the front of the El Paso High School Centennial Section in the annual Sun Bowl Parade on Thanksgiving Day 2016.  The El Paso High Alumni Association is also sponsoring a float to mark the centennial of "The Lady on The Hill" where the Sun Bowl was born and it's first three games played in 1936, 37, and 38.

Now that you've seen this new banner while it was displayed on the parking-lot fence across the street from the Schuster Avenueu entryway, take another, closer look.  You may not see the image of the columnaide from the portico at the front of EPHS, but can you you make-out why this banner is named "The Tiger Eyes Banner"?  Yup, that's a tiger looking back at you from behind the columnaide and superimposed text. Had you missed those amber eyes?  You won't again, will you?  The idea for the design for this 15-foot long banner came from Susan Torres Macias, the Student Activities Manager at EPHS; she is an alumna of the Class of 83.  The banner was created under the direction of Jamie Rupley at El Paso's Perky Press.  Anna Mares (Class of 80), an Alumni Association Director, generously underwrote "The Tiger Eyes Banner."

GRADUATION:  The EPHS Centennial Year Class of 2016

Congressman Beto O'Rourke Addresses the Centennial Year Class of 2016 Graduation (6 min 30 sec video) •

Welcome to El Paso High School Centennial Year 2016.  Take a moment to view this video, take in the excitement, then, if your are not yet a member of the EPHS Alumni Association, take a couple of minutes to join at 

The Pride of El Paso • E-P-H-S Rah! Rah! Rah!

El Paso High Kicks-off Centennial Year with First Legacy Series Presentation

EPHS Centennial Legacy Series:  Architecture -- Program Sample

A brief sample of the first Legacy Series presentation. This video produced by students of the EPHS Broadcast Journalism Class under the direction of Michael Reese, EPHS 2015-16 Teacher of the Year.

Perspectives, An Interview Program of El Paso Community College

Sandy Aaronson (Class of 64) and Betty Ann Seiler (Class of 62) talk about the El Paso High School Centennial Celebration.


KTSM-TV News Presents Feature on EPHS Centennial

Linda Ong, a morning anchor for KTSM-TV, Channel 9, along with two cameramen were on the El Paso High campus to collect video and to conduct an interview with Janie Pierce Shockley (Class of 62) and Hannah Jay, a member of the 2016 Centennial Class.  The feature story was broadcast on Friday (5 February) during the News Channel 9 Today program.  Watch Ong's report by clicking here.

Another Landscape Change on the EPHS Campus

The southeast corner of Virginia Street at Schuster Avenue was transformed in 2014 by the EPHS PTSA 100 Project as a chainlink fence was removed, a bench wall added along the sidewalk, and new xeriscaping applied to create a low-maintenance, welcoming bus waiting area inlcuding stone boulders with flat tops for seating.  In fact, more than an enhanced bus stop, students daily used the remodeled area for lunch.  The transition from the 2014 to 2016 is described in the photos below.

Now the El Paso High Exes & Friends, with financial support from the EPHS Classes of 63 & 64, have added an Address Monument facing the center of the adjacent intersection.  EPHS 2015 Outstanding Ex, Amada Flores' AIM Construction was the general contractor, but Armando Aguilar was the stone mason who built the monument.

EPHS Centennial Website Now On-Line

El Paso High School is celebrating 100 years in it's historic home "on the hill" throughout 2016.  A website is now on-line which is designed to aggregate events, activities, and projects concerning the Centennial performed or presented by students or organizations affiliated with EPHS.  You'll find the the EPHS66 Quinquagenary Reunion is listed among the Cenennial Activities in the Centennial Celebration tab.   Although most, if not all of EPHS Centennial events are posted on, there may be additional information of interest to you, particularly regarding student involvement.  Visit the website and look around, particulary the photo gallery.  If you have photos you would like to contribute for the photo gallery, there is an orange "Photo Gallery" button at the top of the webpage which allows for submission to be E-mailed to the Web Administrator. 

From the Centennial website, donations may be made to support the school's Centennial's activities, those of the Alumni Association, the PTSA, or the Comemmorative Tile Project of EPHS Friends & Exes:  just be sure to select the organiztion to which you want your contribution credited before making an on-line donation.  The alternative, of course, is to go directly to the desired organization's website (donations for the EPHS66 Quinquagenary Reunion can be made from this websire; refer to the Convenient Links on the Main Menu to the left for websites of other organizations). 

Former Students Form an EPHS ROTC Alumni Organization •

Former EPHS ROTC Cadets and Sponsors are invited to join an organization founded in 2003 to celebrate the comraderie engendered whille Cadets and Sponsors at EPHS.

 Some of these Tigers have been practicing close order drill to form alumni drill teams.  Those alumni are now drilling with the Cadets at EPHS in anticipation of participating in the EPHS Centennial Celebration Legacy Series - JROTC & Military presentation on 12 May 2016.  The marching Tiger alumni also envision participation in other events including drill meets and parades. 

For more information about the EPHS ROTC Alumni, visit .

New Mascot Art Adorns Gym Floor

As the CD Jarvis Gym turns 50-years old this fall, the building was repainted inside and out and the gym floor got a much needed reconditioning.  The gym arena was closed much of the summer as the floor's existing, aged varnish and paint were stripped.  Where the flooring had become uneven over the years, the planks were refastened and leveled, chips and holes were filled, and the floor sanded smoothe before new paint was applied and new, high impact varnish laid-down.  The gym arena floor was finally reopened on 21 August,  just prior to the start of classes for the 2015-16 school year.

The center court mascot art and surrounding font (pictured above & below) are dramatic departures from a traditional motif which it replaces and which adorns most gym floors at high schools and colleges across the US.  The new art depicts massive tiger claw marks which have ripped-open the gym floor to reveal a tiger peering out from underneath.

The school district agreed to pay of portion of the cost of new mascot art and center-court font, but the bulk of that customizing cost was to be paid by funds raised by the Volleyball Boosters and the Basketball Boosters, the principal sports utilizing the gym.  With gratitude, the following donors contributed funding necessary for commercial artist Jesse Corral to apply the unique artwork at center court of El Paso High's CD Jarvis Gym..

 Lee Schwartz (62)             Steven Blumenthal (66)

 Amada Flores (63)            Joe Herrera (66)

 Mark Blumenthal (64)       Anna Mares (80)

 David Wilbanks (65)          Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

 Ken Bruder (65)                 AIM Construction

 Cyd Goldfarb (EPHS Guidance Counselor)

  El Paso High Earns all Seven Distinctions on TEA Accountability 2015 

The Texas Education Agency's Accountability Ratings for all public schools was released Friday, 7 August 2015.  El Paso High School achieved all seven possible Distinctions.  El Paso High is the only one of the ten EPISD traditional high schools to earn every one of the seven Distinctions.  Additionally, El Paso High is  the only high school in the region to earn all distinctions three years in a row.  The categories which comprise the TEA Distinctions are these:  Academic Achievement in English; Academic Achievement in Math; Academic Achievement in Science; Academic Achievement in Social Studies; Top 25% Student Progress; Top 25% Closing Performance Gaps; and Postsecondary Readiness.

Another EPISD high school, The Silva Magnet School for Health Care Professions, a non-traditional high school, was again recognized by the TEA for accomplishment by attainment of all TEA Distinctions.  Also, Wiggs Middle School, the feeder to EPHS, was recognized for all Middle School Distinctions again this year.

El Paso High School named among America’s Best High Schools by U.S. News & World Report

El Paso High School has been listed as one of “America’s Best High Schools” as reported by U.S. News & World Report.  The distinction is based on key principles: that a great high school must serve all of its students well, not just those who are college bound, and that it must be able to produce measurable academic outcomes to show it is successfully educating its student body across a range of performance indicators.

A three-step evaluation system is used in the analysis of "American's Best High Schools" by US News & World Report: 

Step 1:  This step determines whether each school's students are performing better than statistically expected for students in their state;

Step 2:  Schools meeting Step 1 criteria, the second step is to assess whether the school's students from traditionally disadvantaged populations – black, Hispanic and low-income – are outperforming disadvantaged students in the state;

Step 3:  Schools that made it through the first two steps became eligible to be judged nationally on the final step – college-readiness performance – using Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate test data as the benchmarks for success.

Congratulations to the Tiger team (students, parents, faculty, and staff) and community members who have worked to support and contribute to students' success at El Paso High School!

Thanks to the EPHS PTSA for providing the substance of these reports.

EPHS Fight Song Ringtone Now Available at iTunes

Strike-up the band with the familiar tones of the El Paso High Fight Song when your wireless phone rings.  Now,  for a mere $1.29 at the iTunes Store, you may download the fight song to your iPhone.  If you have an Android phone, word is that the same recording can be added to the ringtones of non-iPhone devices, as well.  A portion of every purchase of this ringtone benefits the EPHS Alumni Association, so hop-on and download a peppy instrumental rendition of the renowned chorus from "The Orange & Black!"

Special EPHS Baseball Caps Available for Purchase

    The EPHS Class of 62 has made available ball caps to help defray the cost of the Classes of the 60’s Party scheduled during the EPHS Centennial Celebration (specifically, 7 October 2016. the night before the Centennial Celebration Carnival and the same night as the EPHS66 Quinquagenary Reunion Dinner & Dance; hence, the Class of 66 is not participating in the Classes of the 60's Party). 
     The ball caps, as pictured above, are truly special as they bear an embroidered rendering of the front of The School with the letters EPHS.  On the back are the embroidered dates “1916 – 2016” in orange to signify the first centennial of El Paso High School in it's present location overlooking the city.
     The caps are priced $20.00 each (add $5.00 if shipping is required).   For more information and to place an order, contact Betty Ann Seiler at or by phone at (915) 584-1030.  The Class of 62 will accept checks or cash only – no credit/debit cards accepted at this time.  The ball caps are manufactured for Port/Authority, a major provider of uniforms and sportswear.

New T-shirt Benefits EPHS Class of '68 Reunion

The above design on your choice of black or gray, 50-50 Dry Blend T-shirt, is now on sale for $20 each.  Proceeds benefit the EPHS Class of 1968 for their 50-year reunion two years hence.  The design is a creation of Alfonso "Mesita" Rangel who is processing orders through his E-mail:, or by snail-mail to 3415 McKinley Ave, El Paso 79930.  Payment by cash or check payable to Algonso Rangel, please.

Painting the Town Orange & Black with El Paso High colorblock polo-shirts

Modeled here by Ramon (EPHS66) and Sandra Sanchez (Class of 68), these shirts of 5 oz, 100% polyester snag protection plus tricot provide moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and UV protection wear.  At the left breast is embroidered "El Paso High" with a crouching tiger and the class year displayed below the tiger.   Sale of these polo shirts benefits the Classes of the '60s Reunion Party on Friday, 7 October, at Sunland Park Race Track & Casion.  The part is for all the classes of the 1960s save for EPHS66 which is having it's own party in celebration of its 50-year reunion at the same time.  At only  $35 a shirt (add $5 for shipping out of El Paso), these shirts do everything but sing the lyrics of "Be True to Your School" by the Beach Boys.  Order your own from Alfonso "Mesita" Rangel (Class of 68), E-Mail or call 915-201-6713.

Special Edition Centennial Commemorative Mini Helmet •

Here's a chance to get a little piece of the El Paso High School Centennial Celebration Year and at the same time contribute to the uniqueness of theCentennial.  The El Paso High School Class of 1984, in conjunction with the EPHS Alumni Association, is sponsoring the Special Edition El Paso High Tigers Centennial Year Mini Football Helmets pictured above.  All  profits from the sale of these replicas of the official 2016 Season Tigers Football Helmets are devoted to the Class of 1984 Football Uniform Fundraiser. Tigers Football for the 2016 season will have unique uniforms (including the helmet design) which the Class of 1984 is helping to fund with your purchase of these special edition mini helmets.

The football helmets, actual and mini versions, display the art which appears on each EPHS Centennial Commemorative Tile (artwork courtesy of the El Paso High Tigers Friends & Exes).  The price for each Special Edition El Paso High Tigers Centannial Year Mini Football Helmet is $40.  Order on-line from Morse Sports, or, in El Paso, go to the Morse Sports store at 112 S. Stanton (phone: 915-533-2746).  The store is downtown, between San Antonio and Overland Avenues, next to the old Gateway Hotel building.

  NEW STYLE    EPHS Spirit Product for The Centennial Celebration Year

David "Tiger" Lujan is offerning a new, balck background design in the EPHS muffler series as displayed below.  "El Paso High School" with the face of a tiger on one side and "May Your Spirit Never Die" with a stylized "Tigers" reminiscent of the traditional El Paso High baseball uniform on the other side.  The previous muffler styles have sold-out.

The muffler (or scarf, if you prefer), is five-feet in length, made of easy care polyester yarn.  The text and design features are woven, not printed, into the muffler, so the features are long lasting. 

The project arose when Lujan was asked to help finance the EPHS 2016 JROTC Military Ball which has been held for several years in the school cafeteria. Because it is to be the Centennial Celebration Year, the JROTC would like to hold their annual ball in a party hall to give the occasion a special flair.  Lujan decided to design and sell a soccer style scarf and this is the thrid in the series.  The price remains at $20 each with an additional surcharge of $5 for each muffler if it is to be mailed to the purchaser.

To pre-order this version of the EPHS "May Your Spirit Never Die" muffler, contact David Lujan by E-MAIL or PHONE him at 915-276-9169.


EPHS Orchestra Website is a Classic!

You don't have to be a former orchestra musician or a fan of symphonic music to appreciate the El Paso High School Orchestra and their newly premiered website:

This Tiger aggregation is a string orchestra, but don't let that lull you into some sleepy stereotype.  If you'd like to see a rockin' orchestra click on the Musical Videos tab of the orchestra's website and watch both Part 1 and Part 2 of  2015 EPHS Tiger Night.  If that doesn't prompt you to want to stand-up, applaud and shout, you didn't have the sound turned-on.  You'll be proud of these Tigers!

Original Central School Bell is At Home at EPHS

The bell, which for years pealed from the tower of Central School at what was then the east side of downtown El Paso, is now part of El Paso High.  The bell arrived on campus on 15 October 2014 and was presented to the student body, faculty, and a crowd of alumni less than 48 hours later during the annual Homecoming Pep Assembly. 

The EPHS Alumni Association coordinated the transfer of the bell from the home of Ken Thomas, a retired EPISD employee, and alumni volunteers and voctional education students at EPHS will take part in the reconditioning of the bronze bell and the refinishing of the cast iron yolk and cradle.

The school bell was originally cast in 1885 in St. Louis, Missouri, by the L. M. Rumsey Manufacturing Co. which specialized in farm machinery and bells during the last quarter of the 19th Century until 1917 when the company closed.  High School for El Paso started on the second floor of Central School in September of 1885.  With the Old Central School Bell now at EPHS, an ad hoc committee is considering options on how and where the bell will be displayed.  One proposition being given consideration is to mount the bell on a custom-made cart so The Old Central School Bell may initiate some meaningful new traditons at EPHS at the confluence of the end of the high school's first century and the beginning of it's second century of excellence in public education for El Paso.  In this option, the bell may be used during football games to mark scoring plays by the Tigers; as signal indicting initiation or conclusion (or both)  to graduations held in RR Jones Stadium; Memorial Day and Veterans Day Ceremonies on the front steps; Homecoming and Sun Carnival parades; and as part of other events on the campus and in the community.

Ken Thomas, the donor of The Old Central School Bell, told media before the Homecoming assembly that El Paso High was the ideal place for the bell because a) El Paso High is the succesor to high school at Central School; b) the JROTC program at EPHS was a continuation of the first JROTC unit in all of Texas which was formed at High School, then at Central School and it was Major James Gaines, an EPISD Assistant Superintendent for JROTC who saved the bell from oblivion and possibly the scrap heap; and c) El Paso High has an alumni association which cherishes and preserves the history of The El Paso High School dating back to the early days at The Old Central School.   Thomas also told reporters that he was very impressed on how competently and amicibly the personnel of the EPHS Alumni Association had acted in the three weeks since he offered the bell to El Paso High. The palpable excitement on the EPHS campus among students, faculty, and alumni, Thomas said, was evidence The Old Central School Bell has found it's rightful home.

Read a report about The Old Central School Bell at these links:  El Paso Times or EPISD .

The 1885 Original Central School Bell is displayed below after the bell has been cleaned and mounted on a custom-built cart with sign panels added to identify the bell and tie it to its home, The El Paso High School. Fernando Lopez (Class of 1966) volunteered to paint the bell cart and Nancy Schwartz (Class of 1966) donated the required primer, paint and other supplies.

Remaining to be repainted are original wrought iron yoke, holding the bell, and uprights, which cradel the yoke.

Centennial Commemorative Tile Project Update

On 25 April 2015, additional Centennial Commemorative Tiles were mounted on the backside of the press box at RR Jones Stadium, completing that installation.  The second installation was begun on a wall between the Library/Cafeteira and the CD Jarvis Gym. 

Photo Courtesy Sandy Aaronson

The second installation site is being laid-out around a new center tile application which continues the Tiger motif seen on the press box installation and includes the popular verse from The Orange & Black, El Paso High's original fight song:  For when we're on the field of battle/ Then for our colors we will fight/ The Orange and Black will always stand for what we know is right! ...

Photo Courtesy Sandy Aaronson

To the left of the Tiger is a tile in tribute to Coach CD Jarvis with notation of the 1947 State Basketball Championship he lead.  Next to that is a tile for Coach Ken Morehead recognizing his 22 years as Head Baseball Coach at EPHS.  Further to the left is the tile purchased by Richard Crockett (Class of 1965) commemorating the Tiger basketball team of 64-65 which finished the season 3rd in State.

During the addition of tiles at the press box installation, it was discovered that the EPHS Class of 1966 tile was cracked and will have to be remanufactured.  The Class of 1966 tile was one of only two tiles on the top row until the new additions were made; both those top-row tiles were cracked by undetermined causes.  Each of those tiles, when remanufactured, will be added to a new installation on the EPHS campus.

Crack visible in lower right quadrant across "F" and "1" of "OF" and "1966."  Photo Courtesy Sandy Aaronson

EPHS Centennial Commemorative Tiles may still be ordered from the El Paso High Tigers Friends & Exes.  Find details elsewhere on this Home Page.  Proceeds from purchases of these tiles have been donated by the Friends & Exes to the EPHS Project 100, El Paso High School's PTSA campus enhancement and beautification project (find donation opportunities for Project 100 elsewhere on this Home Page).

Centennial Commemorative Tile Project Continues to Grow (Updated 29 Mar 2015)

Installation of Centennial Commemorative Tiles on the backside of the press box at RR Jones Stadium is nearly complete and the El Paso High Tigers Friends & Exes are turning their attention to the second installation site for tiles:  the wall surrounding the receiving area at the east end of the Library/Cafeteria Building.

The Centennial Commemorative Tile Second Installation site is to be on the wall at the right in this photo.  Note the new tables and benches installed as part of the EPHS PTSA's EPHS 100 Campus Beautification & Enhancement Project.  The new tables and benches were purchased with part of an additional $3,400 grant from the Centennial Commemorative Tile Project.  The "Eye of The Tiger" art on the wall of the Library/Cafeteria Building is a gift of the EPHS Class of 2012. (Photo courtesy Sandy Aaronson)

Pictured above is the Centerpiece for the Second Installation of EPHS Centennial Commemorative Tiles (Photo courtesy Sandy Aaronson)

Centennial Commemorative Tiles may still be purchased at the price of $135 each, with up to three lines of text to salute alumni, a family, faculty member, or an enterprise which has been a support to EPHS during it's first Century of Excellence.  To request an order from, use the Contact Us button on the Main Menu.  Be sure to include your name, your E-mail/postal address,  and a phone number at which you may be contacted, please.

On Friday, 26 September 2014, The EPHS Class of 1966  Centennial Commemorative Tile was mounted top row, center of the  first tile installation on the back wall of the press box of RR Jones Stadium.  The EPHS66 tile is situated immediately above the tile honoring the school's architects and engineers, Trost & Trost.  This placement recognizes The Class of 1966 as the EPHS Semi-Centennial Class.  (See The EPHS Class of 1966 tile on the top row, above the Tiger and "HIGH" in the photo below.)

The EPHS66 Centennial Commemorative Tile mounted top center (Photo courtesy Sandy Aaronson)

  The 16" x 16" tiles, commemorating the EPHS Centennial, are a project of the El Paso High Tigers Friends & Exes organization.  You may find additional images of the initial Installation of tiles at the press box in the EPHS Campus Photo Gallery.  The second installation of tiles is expected to accommodate an additional hundred or so tiles.   The EPH Friends & Exes initially donated $5,800 from tile sales to the EPHS PTSA for campus improvement and beautification also depicted in the EPHS Campus Photo Gallery.

The EPHS66 Quinquagenary Reunion Organizing Committee voted to assure that EPHS66, as a class, would be represented among the tiles which become a permanent reflection of the school's first century as it embarks on its second century. 

So that the purchase of the commemorative tile would not place a burden on the reunion organizing committee's treasury, it was agreed to off-set the cost with voluntary contributions from EPHS66 classmates.  Those who have contributed are listed below, but you may now join the list with your contribution of from $5 to $20, sent to EPHS66 Reunion, 2227 N Kansas St, El Paso 79902.  More infomaton about the Centennial Commemorative Tile Project and how you may purchase one is displayed elsewhere on this Home Page.  Thanks to these contributors:

   Arthur Nieto (Denver, CO)                  Grace Ruiz (Albuquerque, NM)

   Richard Baron (Santa Fe, NM)           Freda Nelson Evans (Tustin, CA)

   Angie Enriquez Heredia                     Norma Martinez Kernz

   Rose Mary Arreola Lopez & Fernie Lopez  Bob Novick

   Romie Pichardo Monteros                  Steve Blumenthal

EPHS66 Donates to Campus Improvement

The EPHS Class of 1966 is to be listed among the donors who have contributed to the El Paso High School PTSA's Outdoor Improvement Project for the school campus.  The EPHS66 Quinquagenary Reunion Organizing Committee voted to sponsor the planting of a tree on the campus during the 2014 beautification project in advance of the Centennial Celebration and thereby contribute to the enviornmental enhancement of the community during the school's second century.  The plan is to plant 100 new trees which will restore to the El Paso High campus its original compliment of trees during the first decade of "The School on the Hill."  Shrubbery and a memorial garden are also part in the beautification project.

The PTSA's Outdoor Improvement Project includes installation of secured trash recepticals variously around the campus to provide additional sites at which to deposit trash and to reduce litter in the area when the wind blows.  Additional picnic tables on the plaza outside the cafeteria are also part of the project as are replacement and additional concrete benches on the campus.

El Paso High to Get Birthday Makeover

That's the headline for an El Paso Times article discribing the Beautification Project at EPHS to ready the campus for the EPHS Centennial Celebration.  Although there are some inaccuracies in the Times story, it does describe the project which expects to plant 100 new trees and shrubbery on the campus along with a sponsored memorial garden, addition of concrete benches and tables, and the installation of commemorative tiles on the backside of the press box.  Read the "Makeover" story on the El Paso Times website: .  

For more information about ordering comemmorative tiles and about the EPHS PTSA's Beautification Project, scan down on this Home Page to the content section with the white background.

Read The Tatler On-Line

The EPHS student newspaper is still The Tatler but it's not a weekly anymore.  The newspaper is published bi-monthly and is available on-line.  Here's a link to the December 2013 edition of The Tatler

Link to KTSM-TV Special Report: The 1963 Battle for the Claw; the battle that never fought

This will link you to the KTSM-TV website for the story broadcast on 8 November concerning the football rivalry dating from 1930 between EPHS and Austin High and the interruption of that string of battles between the Tigers and Panthers in 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated.

Volunteer to Contribute to Brain Function Research 

Scientists are currently testing many promising treatments that could help reduce cognitive decline and delay the onset of brain disease. Yet a major challenge for research is recruiting participants for studies.  Researchers need all sorts of volunteers to participant in clinical trials, not just those who are concerned about or diagnosed with brain disease.  Healthy volunteers are often needed, for a variety of reasons. 

The Brain Health Registry aims to speed up the drug discovery process by matching eligible volunteers with the right research study.  The brain health and lifestyle information shared by volunteers helps The Brain Health Registry efficiently identify what kinds of studies for which a volunteer may be qualified.  Once the Registry has identified a study for which a particular volunteer  may be a good match, the Registry will send an email describing the study and giving the volunteer more information about how to participate.

For more information and to volunteer, visit 

The Brain Health Registry

"You only understand the tradition if you were blessed enough to live it."

Welcome to the El Paso High Class of 1966 website

See a satellite view of the EPHS campus via Google Earth http://googol/maps/Xwd0L.  
 EPHS66 Quinquagenary Reunion & EPHS Centennial Celebration

Planning for the 50-Year reunion of the El Paso High School Class of 1966 is underway. The reunion will coincide with the Centennial Celebration of EPHS (1916-2016) at it's majestic location “on the hill.” That's why this website has been created, to help bring the class back together for some fun, some reminiscing, and to keep fresh the memory of our departed classmates. Make a commitment today to be a part of the Quinquagenary Reunion: it's not a reunion without you!

The Quinquagenary Reunion Organizing Committee has already formed and meets quarterly to plan a very special experience in 2015 or 2016. Want to volunteer or have suggestions for reunion events? Just send an E-mail through this website – first register, please. Find the Members Log-In box on this page and create your Classmate Profile. If you're not on the current list of classmates, please use the Contact Us tab on the left to get in touch. There is no cost to create a Classmate Profile and you decide what information may be displayed to other classmates.

EPHS66 Quinquagenary Reunion Schedule





Early Bird Special

$70 /Person

Expired 30 June 2016

Standard Registration


6 September 2016

Late Registration


Memorabilia Not Assured


Quinquagenary Reunion Event

Homecoming or Centennial Activity

Thu 6 Oct

Noon to 5PM

On-Site Check-In

& Hospitality Room

Hilton Garden Inn - University


6PM – 11PM

Classmate Mixer & Buffet

Home of Lee Schwartz & Bob Novick

6PM – 7PM

EPHS Homecoming Parade

Neighborhood around campus


7PM – 9PM

Eve of The E

RR Jones Stadium

Fri 7 Oct

8 AM – 10 AM

On-Site Check-In

Hilton Garden Inn - University


EPHS Open for Touring

Lady on The Hill, Library, & Gym

1030AM -1145 AM

Class of 66 Assembly

EPHS Auditorium


EPHS Museum Open

EPHS Alumni Assn Reception

Noon - 1215 PM

Class of 66 Re-Gift Tiger Sign



1215 – 2 PM

Lunch With Friends


EPHS History

EPHS Auditorium



Homecoming Pep Assembly

CD Jarvis Gymnasium


Free Time

Dinner & Dance Decorations

Ballroom – Hilton Garden Inn



Dinner & Dance

Ballroom – Hilton Garden Inn

Late Arrival Check-In


Centennial Parties of the Decades

Various Locations

Sat 8 Oct


George Hodge Ball Park re: George Hodge Monument

Balance of the Day Devoted to

EPHS Centennial Celebration Activities on Campus

9 AM-3PM

World Record Attempt


EPHS Main Hall


Battle for The Claw

Panthers vs Tigers

RR Jones Stadium


World Record Attempt

Largest High School Reunion


Free Time

Evening With Homecoming Friends


Sun 9 Oct


Hasta la Vista Brunch

Dutch Treat

Hilton Garden Inn Restaurant & Terrace


NOTE: Times and Locations Subject to Change 25-Apr-2016

The Organizing Committee elected these classmates to head the committee: Chairperson: Steve Blumenthal; Vice Chairperson: Bob Novick; Secretary: Fernando " Fernie" Lopez; Treasurer: Norma (Martinez) Kernz.

Reunion Committees are forming and volunteers are welcome (see Quinquagenary Reunion menu tab).


In addition to working toward a meaningful and memorable Quinquagenary Reunion, the Organizing Committee is also dedicated to assisting with the George Hodge Monument Project. You'll find information about the project honoring your classmate below on this Homepage. Your contributions for the monument project as volunteer and as donor will be appreciated.

Bookmark the website, return often, and look for new announcements as well as new Classmate Profiles. Help spread the word to other members of EPHS66 and friends from those good ol' high school days. If you Facebook, watch for news of the reunion, the centennial, and the George Hodge Monument Project at EPHS 66 Reunion 2016.

Whether as a visitor or as EPHS66, we want you to enjoy this website. Tony Baldi is the website administrator so suggestions, problems, and compliments should be addressed to him through the Contact Us tab.

Who is EPHS66? If you attended El Paso High School in the class that began as lowly 8th Graders in September 1961 and which graduated in May 1966, you are EPHS66. You needn't have attended throughout that five year period; you didn't even have to have graduated from El Paso High School; nor did you have to begin in 8th Grade: you are a member of the EPHS Class of 66 if you are a classmate and at heart an EPHS Tiger!


George Hodge Ball Park Monument Project

Available Now!  Take a virtual of tour of George Hodge Ball Park in the Photo Galleries menu tab.


A Conceptual Image displaying the George Hodge Monument at the site in the ball park where it is to be erected.

On January 8th, 2013, the El Paso Iindependent School District Board of Trustees approved an application from El Paso High School to name the new (completed in 2011) baseball & softball facility for EPHS in memory of George C. Hodge (EPHS Class of 66). The approved application included a monument concept of a tall hunk of quarried limestone on which would be attached a cast bronze plaque displaying a relief of George Hodge and a biographical sketch of him.

The El Paso High School Alumni Association has been authorized to collect donations for the George Hodge Monument Project. Contributions should be made payable to “EPHS Alumni Assn” and mailed to the following address:

EPHS Alumni Association

PO Box 5024

El Paso TX 79953

When sending a donation by check, please write in the Memo “George Hodge Monument” and your EPHS Class above the date (e.g., Co1966). All donations will be acknowledged. The EPHS Alumni Association is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; donations may be deducted for income tax purposes to the extent allowable.

Any donation is welcome, but it is asked that all donors consider a minimum contribution of $15 – the equivalent of just $1.25 per month for a year. EPISD provides no funding for this project: all funds and donated materials and services must be collected from EPHS alumni and from the community. If you can help collect in-kind donations such as contractor services, transportation for the monument stone; the stone itself; etc., please contact Steve Blumenthal or Tony Baldi, administrator for this website, through the “Contact Us” tab.

Carl Campos (EPHS Class of 69) volunteered to provide architectural services for the George Hodge Monument Project and has created four conceptual shemes for the monument and ideas for a paved plaza with coordinated benches to surround the monument.  An EPHS committee adopted the design concept (see above) for the monument on 3 December 2013 from which final design work has been produced.  A architects rendering is displayed above, on the website of the EPHS Alumni Association (, and will be used in releases to news media in El Paso.

2016-2016 Association Offiecers

  •  President:  Michael Montes (Class of 1997)
  •  Vice President:  Steve Blumenthal (Class of 1966)
  •  Secretary: Patty Mena Garcia (Class of 1972)
  •  Treasurer:  Roberta Rodriguez (Class of 1974)

NEW POSTAL ADDRESS mail El Paso High School Alumni Association – PO Box 5024 – El Paso, Texas 79953

Annual Dues $16.  For meeting notices, events and other information:

"You only understand the tradition if you were blessed enough to live it."



EPHS Centennial Tile Project

El Paso High School has been a part of you for decades.  Now, as the historic "School on the Hill" is preparing to observe its Centennial, El Paso High Friends & Exes has devised a way for you to become a part of EPHS, literally.  Above is the 16-inch square tile purchased by the EPHS66 Quinquagenary Reunion Organizing Committee with individual contributions.  The displayed tile will be installed at the school to commemorate the Centennial Celebration.  Each high relief, etched tile is custom made with from one to three lines of personalized text (limit 21 characters and spaces per line). A tile may represent a family of EPHS students, an individual, a graduating class, a business, or a message.

The price per tile is NOW $135 plus $3 for each character over the alotted 60.  Payment to El Paso High Friends & Exes. 

For more information or to obtain an order form, contact EPH Friends & Exes Treasurer, Sandy Aaronson by E-mail or by phone 915-588-7888 (or use the Contact Us menu tab on the left to request an order form; be sure to include the E-mail or street address to which you want the form sent). 


Campus Enhancements Progress
Take a look at the continuing change at the corner on Schuster and Virgina. The top photo is of transformation from a weed ridden yard within a short chain-link fence to a school bus waiting area as it first appeared early in 2014.  The bottom photo is of that space now that some landscaping has been added and taken hold (April 2014)  

This is significant enhancement undertaken by the El Paso High PTSA, but it is by no means the only improvement undertaken by parents, faculty, and students to spruce-up the campus before the Centennial Celebration Year, 2016.  Additional evidence of the PTSA Outdoor Improvement Project is now displayed in an EPHS Campus photo gallery open on this website.  

Thank to the donors who made the Bus Wait Area project possible. The PTSA is still in need of donations and sponsors for these additions to the campus through the end of 2014:  Tree $200; Trash Receptacle $500; Classic 4' Bench $375; Classic 6' Bench $700; Classic Picnic Table $800; Round Table $900.  Click on the SONSORSHIP FLYER links in the EPHS ROAR below for more information.  The deadline for sponsorships is 1 January 2015.  The EPHS Class of 1966 has contributed for a new tree planted at our venerable alma mater; individual donors have contributed for additional items.

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El Paso High Is Turning 100!

The Lady on the Hill is turning 100 in 2016 and the PTSA has some very exciting projects to announce in anticipation of this historic event.

1. Because of an incredible gift by some very generous donors and the hard work and spectacular efforts of Jennifer Barr Ardovino and Desert Elements Landscape Design, LLC, the entrance along Schuster and Virginia will soon have new landscaping. Work will begin very soon. Our goal is to have this phase of the project completed by January, 2014.

2. You can participate in beautifying our beloved school and honoring your loved ones by making a general donation or purchasing trees, tables or benches for installation this Spring. All tables and benches will have a plaque stating in whose memory/honor the donation is made. All other donors’ names will be written on an El Paso High 100 Plaque, placed inside our school. Deadline for purchases is March 1. The sooner items are ordered, the sooner they may be installed. Please see the attached flier and/or go to the EPHS webpage – for more information.


3. Thanks to the generous donations of Pearson’s Tree Farm and the Christmas Tree purchases made by the following, we have planted beautiful new large oak trees at EPHS this week. We would like to thank:
Hugo Arreola, the Claflin/Crane Family, Diane Williams, Felipa Solis, Beth Lucas,
Gloria Ambler, Monica Benjamin, the Mowles Family, the Hallmark/Slavin Family, Judy Templeton, Susan Urbieta, Dan Knapp, Kristina Legan and Mike Bonilla.
The PTSA will again be selling Christmas Trees that will then be donated to EPHS. Look for a Tiger Roar announcement about this project soon.

4. El Paso High 100 will invite students to lead a national program, sponsored by El Paso Master Gardener Ileana Lazo-Kim, in partnership with Ms. Dawn Zumar. This group of students will learn about engaging in their environment and transforming spaces, all while serving and beautifying our school. Look for news about this exciting project coming soon...all students welcome. For more information you may contact Ileana L. Kim by email at
We hope you will join us in celebrating our city’s oldest high school!
If you would like to actively participate in this project or would just like further information, please contact Tricia Jay or Monica Henschel: We have many more plans to beautify our school and we could use your help to accomplish them.

EPHS Beautification Project Sponsor Sheet

EPHS is Turning 100!

PTSA OFFICERS - 2013/2014

President -
Monica Henschel

President Elect -
Victor Vazquez

1st VP-Programs -
Terri Bell

2nd VP-Membership -

Nancy Licon
Laura Leslie

3rd VP-Ways and Means -
Nancy Malooly

Secretary -
Julie Freund

Parliamentarian -
Angie Nickey

Treasurer -
Cindy Crane

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