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EPHS66 classmate Richard "Ricky" Baron passed away on Saturday, 27 October 2018 in his newly adopted home of Houston, Texas.  The cause of death is attributed to cancer.  Richard had undergone a liver transplant a few years ago because of progessive liver failure.  Reportedly, a tumor developed on the transplanted liver and treatment was unsuccessful in abating it's ravage.  Richard chose to forego further chemotherapy and dyalisis understanding full well the consequences.

Richard was an artist using a camera and film as his medium.  He was invited to mount a one-person showing of his "The Empire of Texas" project at the El Paso Museum of Art from March through June of 2018. His work has been diplayed in several art museums in the US and internationally, as well as galleries from San Francisco to New York to London. 

Richard Baron at the El Paso Museum of Art, February 2018, following
the opening of his one-person show featuring photographs from his
"The Empire of Texas" project of eclectic images Richard had
captured during his travels around Texas as exemplified in
the Texas shaped waffle at a hotel in Corpus Christi.
Memorial Ceremony that is not a Memorial Ceremony
In keeping with Richard's wishes, his body has been cremated and the ashes spread in the mountains of norther New Mexico, home to Richard for several years and where he had found peace in the rugged, forested natural surrounding. 
Richard had no desire that a ceremony be conducted in his memory; however, some friends, relations, and colleagues in El Paso just couldn't abide with those somewhat contrarian desires.   As a consequence, a group  planned a gathering in the home of a long time friend to tell stories and celebrate the now departed Richard Baron.  Coincidentally, the home is in close proximity to El Paso High.  The gathering, a pot-luck affair, requried that any relation or friend of Richard who would like to join in the "Irish wake" of sorts, make their intentions known to the hosts in advance of the gathering on Saturday, 17 November 2018.  The small house was filled with artists, writers, and persons who felt a close bond with Richard through his craft as a photographer, his expression as an art critic, his vision as a advocate for contemporary art, his passion as a political activist, and his understanding as mentor and friend.

Gonzo photographer Baron had a blast

Richard Baron, a son of El Paso, recently passed away in Houston, and he was a classic. Richard was a gonzo photographer and writer, never succumbing to dreams of being comfortable with a 'normal life' so as to continually without letup pursue his actively artful life.

He was and remained a foot soldier of what was often called “The Revolution” in the heyday of peace and social change, taking photographs and writing about the movement. Without doubt, his was a fulfilled life and a life of joy, of living a life of his art and living his life as an art.

In college we were acquainted, even friends, and he leaned on me for formal photographic training in landscape and portraiture and darkroom, later telling me I was his first instructor, and I learned from him to live lean and, importantly, to bicycle my way to college and work to achieve a degree without debt, and to pursue the art of traveling on a song and a dime. 

His bio at is a soaring ride of the gonzo photographer and journalist. I encourage you to take 10 minutes and read it.

At the end of his life, I want to say for Richard, he was a good man to people, and that he had a blast. I admire that.

Robert Durkin West El Paso
El Paso Times, Your Views, Sunday 25-Nov-2018


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29/11/18 05:21 AM #1    

Cynthia Marquez

Will miss the most was his sense of humor.   You were a blast


Cynthia Marquez

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